About Me

Hi there. I’m Anne.

12308517_10153117942630740_8643924565323403224_nThe words are all dark. And if a story doesn’t start out that way…just wait. It’ll get there.

Most of my stories are speculative, but they all share a common thread of horror. Whether supernatural or psychological, a bit of creepiness is bound to work itself in.

The Blue Ridge Piedmont is where I live, and it features pretty heavily in many of the stories I write. Check out Settings to see what kind of places haunt my brain.

Beyond writing, books, and film, a few of my favorite things are:

  • Dark stories. There are more than a few essays on this ol’ blog about those.
  • Halloween. It’s absolutely ridiculous how much I love this holiday.
  • Music. I have loads of writing playlists on 8tracks.
  • Psychology. I hold a Bachelors of Science in Psychology with a counseling emphasis. Trauma psychology in particular is close to my heart, so you’ll see elements of it in just about anything I write.

At current, I am seeking representation.


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