the rundown

Ah. I forgot about having one of these things for Pitchwars. I should have some kind of cheat sheet on myself for anyone interested in taking me on, yeah?

Here’s the pertinent stuff:

  • I work as a freelance editor. The only way I got here was by learning to be merciless with myself and listening to the wisdom of critique partners. Flexibility is necessary, and I know it. Sometimes you have to slash a draft and rewrite it from a different POV. Sometimes all 80,000 words are in the wrong tense, the wrong time, the wrong everything. Throw it at me. I’m only as good as the work I put in, and I want to make sure my book is the best possible version of itself. 
  • I’m cool with going out on a stylistic limb. I love playing around with weird structure, shifting POV, and twisty plots. A lot.
plotty raccoon
A lot. That raccoon has my plotting face down pat. Let us plot together, friends.
  • Characterization is one of my biggest priorities in writing. Plot is great. Plot is wonderful. But if the characters fail to grab me, there’s no connection.
  • Mental illness is a consistent theme in my writing. Trauma is #ownvoices territory for me. At fifteen, I needed protagonists who didn’t die or go mad. I needed a scrap of hope I’d make it out back then, so I write the stories I wish I could have given to myself. This is the same reason I have a Bachelors of Science in psychology and worked in mental health with traumatized vets and teens. It’s not just close to my heart; it’s a huge part of me.
  • Other stuff: I’m a huge nerd for stories set around or on Halloween. I love horror. I have too many writing playlists. I adore sad books. I have a wild sense of humor. I used to explore abandoned buildings. I might seem a bit rough around the edges, but I snort when I laugh. I love animals. I doodle sometimes. I daydream a lot.
Um. Is all of that pertinent? I don’t know, but I hope it helps. If you’ve read this far, you’re awesome. Best of luck to all of us hopefuls, and many thanks to all the mentors devoting time to this. ❤

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